'Goodnight Puppy' - Lavender & Camomile Bedtime Spray 300ml

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Calming Lavender & camomile Bedtime Spray
New Puppies don't always sleep…. Goodnight puppy contains calming lavender that can help your puppy ease into a sleep that will hopefully last all night!!
Our puppy pillow spray is the first on the market, this ingenious product was one of Belle’s brainwaves after having a few sleepless nights when Crumble first arrived as a puppy.  Ideal for new puppies who are unsettled and needing a little comforting, and a perfect bed time relaxing mist.

Spray onto the pups bed and coat just before bed and hopefully this wonderfully soothing blend will aid a good nights sleep with the help of balancing and relaxing lavender essential oils.

Goodnight Puppy can also be used as a puppy deodorant.