About us and our story


Hawkins Organic was founded in 2014 by Belle and Mike from our Suffolk home. The objective was to create a range of natural and, where possible organic products for use intially on our beloved horses and dogs and to sell at her pop up lifestyle shop which had a dog boutique.

Since 2010, Belle has been through two battles with breast cancer and, whilst unwell she carried out extensive research into holistic and alternative therapies in order to improve her own life and it something Belle is very passionate about outside of work too.

From her findings Belle gained a better understanding of some of the nasty ingredients that were used in grooming and beauty products. Unfortunately many contained chemicals and other nasties which were linked to cancer in humans.

At the time there were plenty of human products which were natural and organic but nothing on the market for horses and dogs that ticked all the boxes. 

Belle set about creating a brand once she knew there was local demand to provide the best possible natural grooming products for dogs and horses. Little did Belle know years later she would have 1000's of wonderful customers using her products.

We pride ourselves on producing products which are effective, kind to the skin, affordable and as we only use organic essential oils and not synthetic fragrance oils they smell great too. We do not test on animals (only us humans first!)

All our products are made in Suffolk and we are a small family run business.

Looking after our precious planet is also important and we try and use ingredients that are bio-degradable and better for our environment. We try and use packaging that is recycled or recyclable.

We are delighted with our range of products which have been featured in numerous magazines including Horse & Hound, Your Horse, Absolute Horse. 

Thank you for reading about us and we hope you love our products as much as we all do.

With love