About us and our story


Hawkins Organic was founded by us six years ago on our Suffolk farm with the objective of creating a range of natural and, where possible, organic products for use on ourselves and on our beloved horses and dogs.

Since 2010, Belle has fought through two bouts of breast cancer and, whilst unwell, decided to invest in herself. With the help of a lot of research we started to gain a better understanding of some of the nasty ingredients that many grooming and beauty products unfortunately contain, with some in the beauty industry sadly linked to cancer.

We believe animals are amazing therapy and ours were such a huge comfort to us during those challenging times we looked more carefully at the products we used, not just on ourselves, but also on our beloved pets - Belle's horse Pitch, pony Jasper and our very faithful Labrador Miss Crumble.  

Hawkins Organic launched in 2014 after spending many months researching, sourcing and testing potential ingredients. We pride ourselves on producing products which are effective, affordable and smell great; all must meet the same strict requirements that Belle had on day one and nothing is launched without being tested on us both first!

 We are delighted with our range of products and we hope you love them too.

With love