Herbal collection bundle offer shampoo, wash and grooming spray

Herbal collection bundle offer shampoo, wash and grooming spray

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Our Best in Show/Herbal Horse collection bundle features the full range at a discounted price.

Perfect if you would like to try our products or are looking to stock up, they make great gifts too!

RRP £37.95 saving of £8.00

Eau De Neigh Herbal blend - Grooming Spray - 500ml (new formula)

Ideal for daily use on the coat, mane & tail and great for plaiting. Provides a wonderful shine after using.

Best in Show Herbal Blend -  Shampoo - 500ml (new formula)

Refreshing shampoo which is mild enough for daily use and can help to soothe irritated or dry/flaky skin.

Best in Show Herbal Blend No-Rinse Wash 500ml 

Newly formulated to contain three organic essential oils. The perfect wash when you don’t have much time or after exercise to refresh and great for shows and competitions!

Benefits of the essential oils we use:-


Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial

Helps promote hair growth


Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal & antimicrobial

Cooling and refreshing on the skin


Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal & antimicrobial which helps to soothe

Stimulates hair growth and can help with itchy skin