'Muck Off' - Green Fig Hand Wash 250ml

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I wanted to create a hand wash that would be able to clean my grubby hands after being on the yard or in the garden.

"Muck off" is a wonderful hand wash which should be by every sink. It is 100% natural product that contains no parabens, SLS, colours, chemicals just pure natural ingredients including essential oils and essences of green fig.

We offer a hand lotion 'Stable hands'  which compliments the hand wash and our products can be used in the shower too or even as a bubble bath. I adore a good soak in the bath and thought I would test this so our 3 in 1 product is genius.

Our testing panel already love the range of Hawkins @ Home and we can't get enough of either product and we have already had requests to expand our range of personal grooming and household products so we are on the case!

We are able to make up gift boxes with additional items such as gardening or riding cloves, packets of garden seeds or any gardening/riding related items, please ask we are happy to assist in any gift requests.