'Pongless Puppy' - Coconut & organic sweet almond Puppy Shampoo 300ml

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Your puppy will benefit from our gentle but effective coconut & organic sweet almond shampoo which will provide all the ingredients your precious puppy requires to keep them clean and fresh.The smell has received so many comments of  "wow what a lovely smell" at recent shows and from customers.
Made with only 100% natural ingredients our chemical free shampoo is perfectly PH balanced and suitable for all skin types and dog breeds. You can also use this on dogs too, not just for puppies.
It does not contain anything nasty and we don't use synthectic fillers, sulphates, colours, perfumesparabens, benzole benzoate or other ingredients which some companies seem to use even when they claim they are natural or kind. 


I loved the smell of this as soon as it arrived and it's a firm favourite with all new puppy owners, please see our feedback on Facebook but one new customer has sent this message to us. 


"We used the gorgeous puppy shampoo on Sunday & we love it - so nice, she still smells lovely!!! I am passing it around to my doggy friends" Vicky Hope who owns adorable Lola. 



Gentle cleanser, leaves coat soft, shiny and smelling divine

Sweet almond oil absorbs slowly into the skin and it's a wonderfully gentle way to soften and moisturise even the most sensitive of skins but also heal wounds. Our organic sweet almond contains an abundance of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E which is particularly suited as a natural moisturiser as it nourishes skin and coats and helps to sooth and aid the recovery of dogs with skin complaints.


We are so pleased with the feedback that we will be launching a coconut and sweet organic almond spray to the range for everyday grooming.


Please note - this product does contain organic sweet almond and the new label will state this on the front of the bottle.