'Best In Show' - Organic Apple & Mint Horse Shampoo 500ml

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I knew I wanted to have an apple and mint shampoo and when I put together my shortlist of my ideal horse shampoo and grooming range. As soon as the prototype arrived I smelt the sample bottle and went bingo! I was delighted with this shampoo from the minute it arrived and for the past 3 years it has fans including; Alex Hardwick, Caroline Powell, Franky Reid-Warrilow to name a few professional superstars who use it.

Our 100% natural, chemical free shampoo contains mint and apple essential oils which are renowned for their antibacterial and cleansing properties. 

We don't want to repeat ourselves but our products do not contain any sulphates, colours, perfumes, parabens our ethos is the same throughout our range, all just pure and containing as many organic ingredients as we can squeeze in.

'Best in Show" is perfectly PH balanced so it is suitable for horses with sensitive skin and provides a wonderful shiny coat. Our shampoo is also mild enough for regular use unlike some which are very concentrated.

500ml or travel size however we also stock larger bottles and 5 litre containers on request.